The BITX transceiver design dates back almost 15 years, the first schematic popped online in 2003. Many hams have built many flavours of it. In essence its a hf amateur band radio transceiver that is built from easily obtainable components and has multiple bilateral circuits, meaning same signal paths are used for rx and tx. The circuit originates from India, and as of 2016 you can now order a readily populated pcb version of the bitx from there for ~60€ to your casa. When I saw that the newest version of the board included a DDS chip called the Raduino, I had to get myself one. The only new years resolution that I can recall was that I need to get myself a radio amateur licence. Hopefully in the next few months I will get it and then I can use the BITX on tx. I built the apparatus and I admit the rx is pretty nice :)