Ghost container up and running

Many years ago I set up my bleeding edge WordPress blog hosted on my then already very old Pentium 3 server. A lot has changed since then.

If you didn't already know this blog is powered by Ghost. Ghost is inside a Docker container running on my fresh DigitalOcean droplet. I had heard about Docker, but I wasn't very interested in it until recently I read a Hackaday post on Docker Raspberry Pi Swarm:
I've been planning on running some web applications on my Raspberry Pi's and seeing that a Docker Swarm could be deployed using low cost hardware was a reality, I decided to give it a shot.

I installed Hypriot on my Raspberry Pi. Docker comes installed on Hypriot so all I needed were some Docker images. I wanted to set up the newest 0.10.0 Ghost image, but couldn't find it for the Pi in the Docker hub repositories. I decided to create my own Docker image and after some hammering, succeeded. Repo:
I was able to setup Ghost on my browser by navigation to localhost/ghost. Seemed perfect.

We recently moved to another city and currently at home we are using an university network. Unfortunately, I suspect that the uni NAT is blocking my container ports when accessing from an external source. In short my blog could be read only from my home, not very exciting. I have to do some research on if I can host anything at all, I'm sure there is a solution.

Instead of giving up and starting some other project prematurely I decided that I'd set up Docker and a Ghost container on DigitalOcean. I've been meaning to try DigitalOcean for production anyway. Now we are running Debian 8.5 x64. The Docker documentation offered me easy to follow instructions on how to install their newest package 1.12.1 that has Swarm built-in. The newest Ghost image was also available for my architecture. Of course some hammering was still needed. Finally, here we are.

I've been planning on setting up a new blog for a long time. I want to keep track of the projects that I work on whether I complete them or not. Hopefully something will be interesting and useful to anyone reading. Everyone should have a lot of personal projects in their mind and having the courage to work on some of them is the best thing one can do. We have to remind ourselves that it's not embarrassing to get excited by new things and to try them out, in the contrary, it's the funnest way to discover and acquire new skills for children and adults alike.

The old blog: